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Using the Library: Faculty Resources

All about the Library's resources and how to use them.

Faculty and Staff Tools

Free Technology Tools

Looking for free, education-related technology tools? The Free Education Technology Tools Library Guide is a compilation of links to a variety of online tools, related to assessment, design, videos, research, and more.


Faculty Select OER Database

Use this resource, Ebsco's Faculty Select Database to help locate OER online resources for your class. If you'd like assistance in using this page, or selecting resources, please ask a Library Staff Member.

Interested in using open educational resources but not sure where to start? We have a guide for that! Visit our Open Educational Resources Library Guide for information on the what, why, and how of OER. 


There are specific Guide pages created for faculty and staff use throughout our LibGuides - they include:

What Are LibGuides?

Shaw's librarians create online guides (like this one) to help with Library use. Many provide advice and resources for doing research in a particular subject area. Others offer how-to guidance and explain important topics and library resources. See below or visit the LibGuides home page for a full list of links to these guides. You can also view our tutorial on How to Use LibGuides to get started on your own!


Specific Offerings for Courses

We offer a few resources to help you learn and educate your students on a variety of important topics such as 


As of FEBRUARY 2020 - All Shaw University students have FREE ACCESS to Grammarly premium software - a tool to use for grammar, spelling, plagiarism, citation assistance, and copyright issues!

  • To activate your account, look for an email from Grammarly in your Shaw email.
  • Click on the link in the email and set up a password.
  • Your login name is your Shaw email address.
  • If you need assistance with this email or haven't recieved it, please reach out to IT -

Their website also offers free access to many of their tools, providing access without an account.

Microsoft 365 for Students and Faculty

All Shaw students and faculty can access their FREE copy of Microsoft 365 for Students by registering for an account with Microsoft using their active Shaw Bears email.

Once approved, students will be able to:

  • access Microsoft products including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Microsoft Teams
  • log in to Microsoft products on any Shaw Library or other campus computer
  • download the newest version of Microsoft Office programs onto their personal devices
  • If you need assistance with registration, please reach out to IT -

Library Materials for Courses

The Library has a collection of course textbooks available for in-Library use for a 3 hour check out period. (See the Library Resources page of this guide for more information on the Course Reserve check out process.)

We strongly encourage instructors to provide copies of course textbooks or other materials to the Library's Course Reserve collection. Personal copies of these items can be donated or temporarily loaned, or you can request that an item already in the Library collection be placed on reserve.

To place an item on reserve, please fill out this online form. If you are donating or loaning a copy of the item, bring it to the Library's Customer Service Desk after submitting the form. We appreciate your help and support!

To obtain materials that Shaw University Libraries does not own, there are a few options available to you:

  • Shaw University is a member of the Cooperating Raleigh Colleges, which means that Shaw students, faculty, and staff can borrow items at other CRC libraries. Prior to going to one of these libraries, you must pick up the appropriate documentation from the James E. Cheek Learning Resources Center.
  • Interlibrary loan, which ships an item from another library to Shaw for you to borrow. It can take some time for items to arrive, and a form is required.

For details and request forms, see the Other Lending Resources guide.

  • If there is an item you believe the Library should have in its collection, please complete this online form.
  • We will need such things as title, author, ISBN, and relevant courses for the course materials.
  • If you need more information or assistance, please contact the Library Director.

Library Guide Feedback!

We Welcome Your Feedback!

If you have comments or suggestions regarding an existing Library Guide in your area of expertise, or you would like to suggest additional topics for Library Guides (we are happy to tailor them for specific courses), please contact us or fill out the feedback form linked below. We want to make these Guides as helpful as they can be for our students, and would love to collaborate with faculty!

Request Instruction

Shaw University LIbraries offer specialized library instruction sessions to assist the Shaw Community with research and resource needs.

Instruction sessions are generally led by a Librarian or other Library Staff, and can be modified to accommodate large or small gatherings, classrooms, or individualized instruction. You can find more information regarding our instruction courses on Information Literacy using our Information Literacy LibGuide and associated TopHat course.

Some of the topics that we are happy to assist with include:

  • Research Methods
  • MLA and APA Formatting
  • Using Library Resources
  • Assessing Information and Information Literacy
  • Copyright and Plagiarism

We are also willing to discuss topics of interest with you and see if we can formulate a good resource list or instruction plan for your needs.

For further information, or to request a Library Instruction session, please contact us!

Course Reserves

To place an item on reserve, please fill out this online form. If you are donating or loaning a copy of the item, bring it to the Library's Customer Service Desk after submitting the form. We appreciate your help and support!

For further assistance, please contact us!
Shaw University Libraries - James E. Cheek Learning Resources Center
118 E. South Street - Raleigh, NC 27609
919-546-8407 -

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